Relavak Labs Second Project

I have been wanting to develop a game for the Nintendo Wii but it seems that Nintendo is not interested in supporting individual developers yet. So instead I looked into the Nintendo DS and found lots of “homebrew” support for development on the DS. So I bought a development system (supercard) and downloaded the devkitpro tools and started. Soon I found a couple of software packages that provided a reasonable “game engine” for my game: Box2D (physics) and uLibrary (graphics). Box2D had a port already to the DS (fixed point) by, which I updated to the then current version of Box2D.

My first game: PinHockey, a one or two player game (one DS) that is a combination of AirHockey and Pinball. It can downloaded at The select button invokes a list of option that can be changed via the touchpad.

Have fun. Check my blog at for updates and info on other Relavak Labs projects.
Screenshot of PinHockey


8 Responses to “Relavak Labs Second Project”

  1. davr Says:

    Neat, so what’s the first project then?

  2. Guilherme Says:

    Nice. Keep updating it. =)

    Thanks, from Brazil.

  3. Pin Hockey auf Die besten kostenlosen Programme und (Independent)Spiele für NDS, PSP und PC Says:

    […] Download der neusten Version (0.1) […]

  4. nassan Says:


  5. nassan Says:

    Neat, so what’s the first project then?

  6. weodeo Says:

    Thanks from Germany!

  7. Aaron Says:

    This is fun! It will assist in allowing me to bond with my daughter.

  8. hainer Says:

    great concept! i really like the gameplay!
    its so simple and still so much fun!

    what about some nice detailed graphics?

    have you thought about selling it for an ipad?

    kind regards from germany

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