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May 15, 2009

I wrote a simple program to download to and dump the memory of an MSP430 via the TI USB FET a couple of years ago. I made it available at the time in source code form (TI gave me permission as long as I made it clear that TI does not support my code). I was recently forced to look into upgrading to the new MSP430F249 part and wanted to use my old code to download. Guess what? Things had changed.

1. The firmware in the USB FET needed to be upgraded. I installed the windows version of IAR (the current one) and it automatically downloaded the new FET code. OK so far.
2. The new firmware (version 20305000) is incompatible with the old firmware in that the old firmware had a list of available MSP430 devices built into the firmware itself, while the new firmware does not. In addition, there appear to be new commands to the FET that I don’t know about. I am waiting for TI to give me some info.
3. I did a little “research” and found that I could get the new firmware to work by exchanging some messages. First one must send one of the new messages to return a code indicating the type of device (for example, an MSP430F249). Next one must lookup the device in a table and send a couple of messages to configure the FET for that device. Therefore the linux code must have configuration messages for each supported processor while previously these were stored in the FET itself.

I have some code that will work with the three processors that I use: 149, 1611, and the 249. One can add ones own processor to this code if you can figure out the magic messages that are sent to initialize them. It would be nice if I could get all of the magic messages.

The code is available here: