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Update of PinHockey (Version 0.2)

March 4, 2008

PinHockey for the Nintendo DS has been updated:

  1. Added Dual Screen field with moving paddles and various options
  2. Added Booster and Spin Booster obstacles
  3. Added “Win At” options
  4. Added one puck/two puck option
  5. Updated underlying Box2D library to version 2.

Updated version at:


Relavak Labs Second Project

February 4, 2008

I have been wanting to develop a game for the Nintendo Wii but it seems that Nintendo is not interested in supporting individual developers yet. So instead I looked into the Nintendo DS and found lots of “homebrew” support for development on the DS. So I bought a development system (supercard) and downloaded the devkitpro tools and started. Soon I found a couple of software packages that provided a reasonable “game engine” for my game: Box2D (physics) and uLibrary (graphics). Box2D had a port already to the DS (fixed point) by, which I updated to the then current version of Box2D.

My first game: PinHockey, a one or two player game (one DS) that is a combination of AirHockey and Pinball. It can downloaded at The select button invokes a list of option that can be changed via the touchpad.

Have fun. Check my blog at for updates and info on other Relavak Labs projects.
Screenshot of PinHockey